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How to text your crush to make her want you (4 tips)

How to text your crush to make her want you (4 tips).

Hello guys, we are back again with another explicit article. This time we want to talk to you a little bit on how to make a girl (Your crush) like you.

Everybody has a crush on someone else and high chances are, you are wondering on how to start up with her without making a mistake.

You all know the kind of feeling you gets when you have a crush on someone, it becomes difficult to simply let go of them making it impossible for you to accept making a mistake.

Therefore, this article is strictly designed to let you know about the four tips that you should have in mind as you text her to avoid making mistakes.

Assuming, you have already done your best in approaching her and has finally obtained her phone number.

So here are four tips you need to have in mind;

1. Keep the goal in mind.

It is very easy to get used to texting a girl to an extent of forgetting why you decided to approach her.

Because your main aim is to make sure you have her as your girlfriend, do not text her for long without setting up a date.

That is the main goal. Just don't find it easy to postpone or let it go simply because you have started enjoying the text conversation.

Set a date within the first 2 to 3 days of texting. Otherwise, high chances are that you will turn out to be needy.

2. Ask direct question.

When discussing via text, always find the confidence to ask her direct question. Stop using sympathy words to get her into what you want.

Like, if you want her out for a date, simply go straight to the point and ask her, "Do you want to hangout sometime?"

Stop using the words such as, maybe in that question, it will only shows that you are shy or something. So ask direct questions.

3. Make explicit plans.

The aim here is to make her be your girlfriend. That should be the main goal as you even make plans, make sure you make plans that will only help you achieve the goal.

In that case, you have to make sure you make good plans that can help you achieve the goal as soon as possible.

Make sure, you already know when and where you guys will meet for the date, make sure you have the budget with you if it will be a dinner or something of sort.

Keep those in place and the goal will become an easy shot for you. Just make those plans achievable.

4. Know when to let go.

No matter how handsome you are, never let a girl waste your time as you keep on wondering why she can't date you.

Whenever you realize that things are not moving in your favor, always be willing to let her go.

The goal here is to make her fall in love and as a result, it should favor the both of you. So stay alert, in case you realize that the favor is leaning only on one side, let it go.

Immediately you realize that, you are doing all to impress her, also let her go because you are not here to impress a woman who is not interested.

Those are four tips that you should have in mind as you text a woman, this will make you know whether to proceed to dating or to cut it off.

We would like to wrap the article right at this point and wish you success in your dating life, if in case you have a question let us know in the comments section below.

We will attend to it and give you a feedback as soon as possible. Otherwise, if the article came out to be useful, feel free to follow for more.

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