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Five Things Girls Do Unintentionally That Men Find Attractive


Smiling melts the hearts of even the toughest men.A beautiful smile attracts men especially if they are the ones who caused it.Men feel proud when they make you smile or laugh.

2.Making an eye contact.

If you maintain an eye contact with a man,it shows that you are paying attention to what he is saying.Men love attention as much as ladies. Making an eye contact also makes you seem a trustworthy partner.

3.Closing your eyes for a kiss.

Men love it when they lean to kiss you and you trustingly close your eyes for a kiss.The same goes to when they break the kiss and you leave your eyes closed for just few more seconds.This makes them know that you trust them.

4.Your perfume.

Men are attracted to ladies who smell nice.When they get a whiff of your perfume as you pass by, they will always stare at you.

5.Biting your lips.

Biting your lips is flattering.Men find it attractive when a lady bites her lips in front of them.

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