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Why Most Women Have Lost Interest in Men Nowadays

It is quite fascinating that women nowadays have developed low interest in their men counterparts. Men and women were created to be companions and to have a lasting love relationship among themselves. This only applies to the married couples and those intending to marry.

On the contrary there is a notion that women have began to loose interest in men moreso the married one. Heartbreaking news is finding couples who have just married devorcing. It is believed that men are the cause of the whole mess. Here are some of the reasons why women loose interest and decide to go for single life.

1. Disloyal men

Most women totally hate disloyal men. Loyalty in a relationship is very paramount as it builds trust among the married couples. Both parties have an obligation of maintaining the trust. When either of the parties fails, the relationship is in a mess.

Most women consider themselves to be more loyal than men therefore developing a negative attitude towards them as far as loyalty in a relationship is concern. A long lasting relationship is built on a concrete foundation of love and trust. Distress become common among women.

2. Lazy men

In any relationship it is believed that men are the bread winners. They have to struggle in order to provide for the family. However the current society has offered equal opportunities to both but women dispute that men have to outsmart them in provisioning of essential necessities. Women hate lazy men thus prompting them to loose interest. Men should always be hardworking.

3. Dictating men

Women always want their opinions to be heard. Due to 'male chauvinism' that is still existing in our current societies women are sidelined and their opinions regarded unimportant. Dictatorship takes effect when the loyalty, love and trust is lacking. Most women have taken men to be dictators therefore making them loose interest in marriages.

Do these happen in our current societies? Are the women always right? Drop your comment here.

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