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Husband and wife relationship

"My Husband Beat Me Up After Catching Him In Bed With My Mother" Woman Sadly Narrates

Although men sometimes feel that it is okay to cheat on their wife, some men have gotten cheating to a very bad level. A man is reported to have been caught red-handed on bed with his mother-in-law. Monica Nyakeno Narrates how she caught her husband in bed with her mother, something that led to her being beaten and trampled on by the husband.

Speaking at and interview on Switch TV, Monica said that her mother used to visit them frequently and would stay with them for sometime before going back home. Maybe Monica was comfortable leaving her mother at home with the husband without any fears of being cheated on. After all it was her mother and no man would want to sleep with his mother-in-law.

When she came bad without notice, she found her husband and the mother on bed on a coitus session. She got heartbroken and regretted why she got married to this monster. When she raised the complaint her husband started a fight that ended up in her being hospitalized. It was realized that the husband had been having an affair with the mother for a very long time and this was just one unlucky day for them.

Monica's mother blamed her for not being s good wife to the husband. She also scolded Monica for being naive and not satisfying her husband. Later on, Monica left with her three children and stayed away from her husband for a year before being called again but the husband to go and reconcile. Monica found it difficult to forgive the man whom she claimed she still loves so much.

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Monica is currently in a dilemma of whether to forgive her husband and build her family or continue living with her children and forget about the man. She's seeking for advice from the public before she makes a decision. Kindly consider giving piece of advice to Monica. Please like, share and follow my page for more reads. A problem shared is half solved.

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