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"Hata Hamkai Poa" Rue Baby Spark Reactions Online With Her Reply On Akothee's Video With Her Lover

Being a mother and a public figure is not an easy thing for one to handle. If one is not strong enough and full of confidence in his or her actions, one may end up living a confused life in order to please those who follow his social media platforms. Akothee is a perfect example of a strong woman and a mother of five beautiful children, who has shown her bold character when it comes to the decision she makes over her life nomatter what other people think.As we all know, Akothee has nicknamed herself the queen of single mothers judging by her strong belief that one does not need a man to be complete with her children. Therefore, she decided to work hard and make sure her children receive the best life and choose to have a relationship with a young man "just for fun". By this, she made it clear she will not need anything from Nelly, especially when it comes to money. And instead, she will be the one financing him.This morning, the two lover birds took on their social media video of how they spent their weekend together. On Akothee's video she qouted "Comment as a hater who is lonely " as she exchanged drinks with her boyfriend. This was when her daughter captured the attention of netizens after replying that they don't look good together. Read the screenshots below. On Nelly's side, he posted the same video and callled Akothee his wife. This is so funny since akothee has never addresed him in such a manner. According to many, he is just being used by the mother of five to fulfill her heart desires and soon they will brake up. Read the reactions below.Kindly click on the links below to view the whole videos and don't forget to let us know what are your thoughts towards this couple. Thank you.

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