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No Relationship Is All Sunshine But Two People Can Survive The Storm Together With God's Help

Marriages are break at an alarming rate. Almost every day two or more marriages are reported to have break.

Many are blaming the current hard economy that is making couples not to withstand each other because of domestic violence and stress.

No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together.

On biblical perspective, marriage was started by God. Where God is, nothing will go wrong. It is high time we go down on our knees for our families, our children and our nation.

It is not the wish of anybody to have a broken marriage, infact it is the prayer of every parent that their marriage will stand test of time and last.

When marriages break, the people who suffer most are the children who will luck the love from both parents, and these may have a negative impact on their future life, and the society.

Couples are killing each other day in day out. In each and every family there are ups and downs. If only couples could share what they are going through, then they can encourage each other and may be, their issues may be solved instead of killing each other.

To ensure that our marriage stand the test of time couples should communicate opening with their partners.

Communication in marriage is very important in marriage, but when their is no proper communication issues will build up to toxic level, causing undesirable effects in our relationship.

Responsibilities should also be taken seriously to maintain marriage. Each stakeholder in marriage, should take up their responsibility well to avoid conflicts.

Respect should be paramount. Most marriages are breaking up because of luck of respect. Men especially can't stand being disrespected. To avoid conflict let's respect each other in marriage.

Above all, let's put God first so that he will guide us in the right thing to do. If we truely trust God he will perfect everything in it's own way.

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After all no marriage is perfect we only need learn to appreciate the partners we have and avoid comparison, then we will be able to defeat this monster that is attacking institution of marriage.

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