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Divorce Affair

Ladies Who Are Focused on this Are Likely to Get Divorced

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Many people usually think that money can solve all problems, however when it comes to marriage, this is not always true. According to a recent research that looked into various aspects of marriage, money is a great component of marriage but it can complicate things if one partner in the relationship only thinks about the money. 

The study conducted in 2014 discovered that ladies who were interested on their partners’ wealth were 60 percent likely to abandon the relationship. According to a Social Science Research Network publication, the study had 3000 married people as participants. Though the research discovered that wealthier partners were unlikely to get divorced, ladies whose major focus was on money were likely to quit the relationship. 

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Having the money can help keep a healthy relationship but majoring too much on the money can come with problems. The research also discovered that couples who spent more money on their wedding were less likely to stay together. 

This is because once a particular amount of money is spent, the woman is likely to expect a particular lifestyle and if their significant other does not deliver the woman may walk out. Women who also marry for other reasons that one should not marry for like prestige are likely to abandon their partners once that factor is no longer available. 

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The study advises men not to go for ladies who focus on money over everything as they could decide that the union does not keep them happy and seek to leave.   

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