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Confirmed Proofs That Shows Humans Are Still Evolving

Adults can drink milk

The gene that helps human beings to digest milk has developed through the course of evolution, I the beginning people could only drink milk when they were babies. But after cows, sheep and goats were domesticated, the necessary gene developed.

Some of us have blue eyes

People used to have brown in the beginning, but around 6,000-10,000 years ago, we started mutating, this caused some of us to have blue eyes. Although the gene for blue eyes is not dominant, it manages to survive. Research shows that men with blue eyes find women with blue eyes more attractive and that’s why the gene still survives.

We now have backaches

The modern people walk on 2 legs unlike our predecessors who walked on 4. The spinal cord has adjusted to an upright posture but many of us suffer from backaches. Research showed that this problem is most common in people whose vertebrae are not too different from chimpanzees’. Human beings and chimpanzees have a common predecessor and some of us still have that shape of vertebrae. This might be the reason why we have back pains; the spine is not yet completely adjusted to walking upright.

We have less hair

Modern people have less hair on their body compared to our ancestors; the only places where there haven’t been any changes are our hair and armpits. We can say that someday we won’t have hair at all because hair helps regulate body temperature. Eyelash’s protects the eyes and the hair inside the nose helps clean the air we breathe and the eyebrows keep sweat out of the eyes.

The average height is increasing

Over the years, the average height of mankind has changed, sometimes we were taller, sometimes shorter but on average we are getting taller. Over the last 100 years, men have become 4 inches taller. The reasons for the increase in height are our diet and health.

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