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Profitable GMO Animals and Plants that Farmers in some Countries have Invested in (photos)

GMOs, according to SFM magazine, are organisms whose DNA has been altered in ways that do not occur naturally through mating and/or natural recombination. It is beneficial to introduce a new trait into the species. Here are a few examples.

1. Banana

Bananas that have been genetically modified may be resistant to disease. It's fortified with vitamin A and iron.

2. Pumpkin

Some of these pumpkins aren't bruising or browning.

3. Maize

Long-red sequencing of maize reveals genomic structural variations that underpin the production of high-quality protein maize.

4. Popeye's pigs

Scientists in Japan engineered meat-and-vegetable pigs. They have a spinach gene inserted into them that converts saturated fat to unsaturated fat.

5. Doubled muscle cows

They are a breed with myostatin genes that are faulty, resulting in double muscling. They're made with lean meat and have a low-fat level.

6. Chicken without feathers

Scientists in Israel have developed a prototype of a featherless chicken breed that will save time plucking and money in the long run.

Organ health, mutation, pregnancy and offspring, and the possible transfer of genes to consumers are all risks associated with genetically modified organisms. One of the drawbacks of selective breeding is that it can result in undesirable characteristics.

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