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The Main Reason Why The Bottom Of A Ship Is Filled With Water

Ships are among the most complicated engineering projects ever designed. Most of us wonder how metals can float on water? However, there are hidden features in the ship that enables them to float in large water bodies without sinking. Apart from the engine, various features are installed in the ship that helps it float and also during movement.

In this article, I will be sharing with you major reasons why ships always have large water tanks at the bottom and why the tanks are always filled with water before the ships start their journey.

The tank is commonly known as a ballast tank and is used for holding water that is used by the ship or any other moving objects for balancing purposes.

Two major functions of the ballast water stored in the ballast tank

1. Easy movement in shallow areas

The ship operators always monitor the geographical locations in large water bodies. There are shallow and deep areas in these bodies. Once they reach a shallow area they discharge the water from the ballast tank. This process, in turn, lifts the ship's draft which allows for easy movement through shallow water. The crew then fills the tanks once more when they are past these areas.

2. Provide stability on the ship

There are always a lot of waves in the sea and the engineers had to come up with a way of neutralizing these waves to prevent the ship from sinking. That's why they installed the ballast tank at the bottom for stability purposes.

However, ballast water may be harmful to both marine life and human life. Ballast water discharge contains several biological materials such as plant and animals waste, viruses, and bacteria which might be harmful to human life and different species Such as fish among others living in the water bodies.

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