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10 Things You Will Find Hard To Believe But Are Absolutely True

1. Bees sting each other

Bees are among the most Feared of insects especially by humans. One unbelievable truth about the bees is also the fact that they don't just sting humans and other animals but each other. When Fighting, a bee can decide to sting another especially because of trespass and other things.

2. Shedding of human skin is inevitable

Humans were actually made in a very unique way by God. One of the most weird things about humans is the fact that they also shed off their skin. Almost every hour, a significant amount of skin is shed off from the human body to help protect the human body. According to science, our body sheds off 30,000 to 40,000 cells on the skin.

3.The speed of internet at NASA

Did you know that the internet speed at the NASA headquarters is actually 91 gigabytes per second? That speed is unheard of. With this kind of speed, one can actually download more that 10 movies just within seconds.

4.Why the Chinese people don't take milk

Are you aware of the fact that the Chinese people don't take milk. It is because of the lactose found in milk that they don't take milk or any other dairy products. Most of them prefer to take yoghurt to milk.

5. The ancient days of photography

The ancient days of photography must have been very interesting especially when compared to modern photography trends around the world. Whereas in our modern times people prefer to only show the best version of themselves in photographs, people of the past loved to do the exact opposite. They would prefer to take photos of themselves with injuries and very serious faces as a reminder of the pain. In fact long time ago, people never used to smile in photos.

6. Queen Elizabeth ii keeps record of all the clothes she wears and when

There have been reports that the queen never gets to wear clothes twice easily. If she has to do it, it has to be after a year. There is a record of all the outfits she wears and hats to ensure that she doesn't easily repeat the same clothing.

7. It is very possible for a woman to have an Adam's apple

Even though it is a rare thing to happen, it is possible for a woman to also develop an Adam's apple.

8. Water can cause wrinkles

After staying in water for some time, it is obvious that you will see wrinkles starting to form on your hands and feet. This is the skin's way of reacting biologically when subjected to water for a very long time. It even gets worse the more a person stays underwater.

10. The word "Love" is the most commonly used word in music

Love is actually everything and everything that happens in our world revolves around love. It's the absence of love that gives way to chaos and the vice versa is also true. The word love is actually the most common word in almost all the music genres and as some have put it, music is simply love being given words of expression.

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