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5 places on Earth where force of gravity does not work

As we all know, gravity is responsible for an object's falling. Additionally, gravity is the force that holds the sun and the other planets of the solar system in place. You will fall if you bend too far away from the ground, but you will be unable to fall if the gravitational attraction does not operate.

As a result of the investigation, the following are some spots on Earth where gravity does not work.

1. waterfall inverted

The inverted waterfall, located in the Republic of Chile, appears to flow upward. However, following closer investigation, the oddity is explained by the lake's exceptionally strong wind.

2. unidentified location

This is a tourist attraction in Santa Cruz, California that opened in 1939. The strange spot's gravitational field is negligible or non-existent. Number three is Aragats Mountain.

This place is around 30 kilometers from the Turkish border in western Armenia. This mountain features an upward-flowing river, and it is said that cars in this area move upward on their own.

4. India's Magnetic Hill

It is believed that the hill has a magnetic field that draws items. An automobile parked on a hill should normally descend. If you pack your automobile on India's Magnetic Hill, though, it will remain stationary. The hill is situated near the Gudawara Plateau.

5.An enigmatical road in Jeju, South Korea

South Korea's Jeju Mysterious Road is located there. The road is named Jeju due to the appearance of a minor upward slope with a slight downhill slope. Locals refer to the road as "Jeju" due to the fact that objects placed on it seem to move on their own.

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