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The most likely Asteroid that can hit the Earth and when

For decades there has been a lot of stories and stories of stones hitting the earth. This is true but they are asteroids and some of them are a huge risk in the future. One of them is asteroid Bennu. It has a 1 in 1,750 chance of hitting Earth between now and the year 2300.

That is according to the most precise calculations of an asteroid's trajectory ever made, and the odds are slightly worse than NASA previously thought. Still the researchers studying Bennu say this does not keep them up at night.

In 2016, NASA launched the OSIRIS-REx mission to collect a sample of Bennu's rocks and to learn more about the asteroid's size, shape and composition. The spacecraft arrived at Bennu in 2018 and spent about two years flying around it like a hummingbird, studying it closely before nabbing a sample of its rubble and heading home.

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