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10 Incredible Things Found In Outer Space

A Water Reservoir

It might be hard to believe this but the truth is that there is water in form of gas out there. The H2O gas is over 12 billion light years near a black hole. It is believed to be 140 trillion times the amount that is there on our planet

The Planet of Burning Ice

As we understand just from basics, ice doesn't burn but it melts and then evaporates. However on the surface of this planet, which is watery, the molecules pull together to form something like a hot ice when heated with high temperature of about 439 degrees Celsius

Gliese 581 c

This planet is said to be neighbors with the above mentioned planet. Scientists believe that it is the most likely for future colonization. It doesn't spin which means one side is hot and bright while the other one id dark and freezing. Despite this, there is a small strip of temperate territory in between. 

Black hole

This is a place or a region in the space where there are strong gravitational pulls that even light cannot escape. Apart from light, even matter cannot escape, nothing can escape this region. 


We all know a thing or two about planets because we live in one. There are several theories trying to explain how planets were formed, still it is very hard to believe that a bunch of dust and gases surrounding starts come together to form a planet, especially a rocky one 

Dark energy

Think of it as the opposite of force of gravity. instead of pulling things together it repels them which show the universe going through an accelerated period of expansion. The remaining 68% is only dark energy; it pushes the universe apart at a very top speed

Dark matter

The universe is dark because there are few particles or there is virtually nothing between stars and planets to scatter the light to our eyes. If we were to pick, 68% would be dark energy, 27% would be dark matter and less that 5% would be all the normal matter


This are a type of a neutron star believed to have an extremely powerful magnetic field, they are so powerful that they can destroy a credit card form hundreds of millions of miles away.

Castor System

This is a multiple star system which is made up of up to six stars orbiting around a central mass. The system is said to be 54 times as bright as our sun. Castor is the second brightest object in the zodiac constellation of Gemini and one of the brightest stars in the night sky.

Large Quasar Group

This is a collection of quasars that form what is believed to constitute the largest astronomical structures in the observable universe. Its forty thousand times larger than our galaxy and even breaks some standard laws of physics

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Gliese Outer The Planet of Burning Ice


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