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The World's Largest Plane And Why It's so Rare

From a distance this strange looking plane actually looks like a flying whale and one may even wonder how it's able to fly. Known as the Super Guppy, this plane is one of the largest cargo planes in the world and it can carry items that are virtually impossible to fit inside other cargo planes.

50 years after it was first made, this plane is still in perfect condition and can still carry extra large cargos.

Originally this plane had been built so as to carry rockets for NASA. Previously the rocket parts would be shipped by boat and this would take upto 25 days however the plane could quickly transport the large rocket parts in less than a day.

Due to its large size the plane is also used to transport other airplanes. This plane is powered by four turbine engines and it has a cruising speed of 250 miles per hour.

Unfortunately spotting a Super Guppy is quite difficult since only four were ever made.

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NASA Super Guppy


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