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Why Airplane Windows Are Always Round in Shape

Image: Courtesy.

Whether you have been in an airplane or not, you must have discovered the unique shape of the airplane windows. The round shape is what we are talking about in this case. That is the shape you also saw, right? Well, in this article I will be explaining to you the technical reason behind this shape. Keep reading.

Up to the 1950s, the shape of these windows was something else, let’s say something like rectangular. During those days, airplanes used to fly at slower speeds than they do today.Image: Courtesy.

With time everything seems to have changed a big deal. Today airplanes are flying higher above and at higher speeds. Thus, the round-shaped windows are for safety purposes. But how?

Experts have always explained that rounded-shaped windows are meant to facilitate an even distribution of the pressure exerted on the window. This minimizes the chances of a window cracking as a result of the varying air pressure.Image: Courtesy

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