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Why Cotton is Placed in The Nose And Ears of A Dead Body

Few weeks ago i entered a mortuary after losing a close friend, what i saw was indescribable. Humans were laid down in the cold fridges as they peacefully rested in peace. The silence was damning. However, I noticed one peculiar thing, the cadavers body openings like mouth, noses and ears were stuffed with cotton wool. Why? I wondered. Here's Three reasons cotton is used in dead bodies.

1) The cotton wool prevents entry of insects and germs into the body which may lead to electrolyte imbalance in the dead body. 

2) The wool prevent leakage of dried blood and water during decomposition. The body decomposes due to microbial action on the dead tissues.

3) The cotton wool prevents escape of methane, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon dioxide gases produced by decaying organs. The putrid smell of hydrogen sulphide is evident approximately one week after death.

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