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Secret Facts about Dead which you might not know

This question has been disturbing so many people.As I was doing my own research on internet I came across an interesting news,as a matter of fact I decided to take my time to go through it.I found out the answer to this very question that has been disturbing so many people. That's why I have decided to share this good and interesting News with you precious readers

Have you ever ask yourself if dead people has got ability to hear what you talk? Did you got the answer to your question? Worry not here is your answer. In this article am going to share what I have come across with you so that you can be able to understand if the dead hears what you say or not.

According to the research with evidence that was done by the University of British Columbia (UBC), some of human beings have ability to hear what ever you say when they are in unresponsive state (unresponsive state is the last hours before an expected natural death, which many people enters) Says Elizabeth Blundon, who was a PhD student in the department of psychology at the time of the study. This research proved that the hearing ability of a normal, conscious and unresponsive state person is the same.Thi was proven by the machine called electroencephalogram (EEG) which is used to measure the electrical activities in brain of human beings.

I quote "We were able to identify specific cognitive processes from the neuro-typical participants as well as the hospice patients,We had to look very carefully at the individual control participants' data, to see if each one of them showed a particular type of brain response before we felt confident that the unresponsive patient's brain reacted similarly." This was said by Lawrence Ward, a professor in the department of psychology at University of British Columbia (UBC).

And Dr. Romayne Gallagher who is a retired palliative care physician, added these. I quote "This research gives credence to the fact that hospice nurses and physicians noticed that the sounds of loved ones helped comfort people when they were dying, And to me, it adds significant meaning to the last days and hours of life and shows that being present, in person or by phone, is meaningful. It is a comfort to be able to say goodbye and express love."

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