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5 Things The Human Brain Can Do That We Totally Cannot Control

The brain is one of the most unique body organs. According to science, the brain has the power to generate electricity that can light a bulb.

Research also suggests that the brain can operate in an exaFLOP manner suggesting that the brain has a scale of a billion billion calculations every second. With this kind of calculations, science also suggests that the brain has a storage capacity of one petabyte. In this article, we will look at some of the things that the human brain can do that you are not even aware of. Take a look at the following 5 things;

1. Confabulation

Did you know that your brain can create memories that don't even exist. Am sure you have been at places and you've felt like the events are happening again. According to the brain, memories are not just recollections of past events. No memory is 100% perfect.

In 1995, Elizabeth Loftus who is a memory expert did a research and experiment and found out that 25% of her participants believed in some false memory of some kind. According to science, the brain can add additional information on an effort to try and replace irrelevant information or incomplete information. This happens in a very coherent manner even though the information is not entirely accurate.

2. Proprioception

Proprioception is very key when it comes to perceiving the world and responding to every situation. For this to occur, the sensory receptors that are found in the muscles and skin joints come to full play. Anytime you want to take a certain posture while sitting or standing, the subconscious part of the brain is normally at work. This is what makes us do such things in a very easy manner without having to even think and process the information. I guess that's the magic of the brain.

3. Judging people we don't even know

Have you ever met people that you don't even know and your brain suddenly wants to know more about these people. The brain will try to guess about who the person really is. This is what people call intuition and it often seems we have no control over this kind of feeling. It is a process that occurs in the subconscious part of the brain and it's always like we don't have control.

4. Detecting when people are lying to us

Has someone lied to you and before they finish speaking you become convicted that nothing they said is true. There are times when the body language can tell you when the person is lying but there are times when you just feel like the person is lying even when nothing physical is showing it.

Scientific experiments have found the brain to have the ability to intuitively detect a lie even when nothing physical is showing. This happens in the subconscious part of the brain. Am sure you have heard people say words like, ''I have a bad feeling about so and so'' and in most cases it often happens to be true. This is a brain ability that nobody seems to even understand.

5. Perceiving the future

The ability to perceive the future is one ability that the brain has. According to science, despite the fact that the brain is enclosed within the skull and has no contact to the outside world, it can be able to pick up signals from the surrounding and use them to make us understand our environment in a better manner.

What the brain does is simply to use past information and experiences to determine the happenings of the future. We have seen even those dealing with stock market being able to predicts the future of stocks by simply analyzing the trends in the current information. The cerebellum and the ganglia are the parts of the brain responsible for this predictions.

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