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How Fast Can The World Turn In an Ice-Ball If the Sun Disappeared From the World In 1 Year

When the sun disappears, we would first notice it eight minutes later on earth, since the sun's rays need this time to reach us on earth. If you continue to spin this thought experiment by the journalist Michael Stevens, there would be no solar system any more pretty quickly, but we would spin around freely with our earth in space. Humanity would actually be able to survive this scenario, at least as far as oxygen is concerned. It would last for a few thousand years.

However, this would result in an extreme drop in temperature. Within a week, the earth would have an average temperature around the freezing point, a good 15 degrees colder than now. Within a year the earth would freeze to an average temperature of minus 73 degrees.

All precipitation would fall as snow. The oceans also freeze over quickly. Only a very great depths would there be water left in which organisms would still live. It would be much more difficult for us humans. We could no longer exist on the surface. After 10 years our planet would have cooled to a temperature of minus 220 degrees. Changes are now also taking place in our atmosphere. Because at this temperature the oxygen begins to condense and the air falls from the sky like snow. So we can count ourselves lucky that the sun enables us to live on this planet. Loved the read? please follow, like, and share

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