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3 Animals That Die Immediately After Mating, See Photos And Why

Read and study pictures:

Unless you conduct some research, you won't know what the norm is here on Earth. It is not well known that certain animals experience sudden or temporary death after mating. Semelparity refers to the act of intentionally reproducing one's own death. In this article, I'll discuss numerous species whose extinction can be attributed to reproduction.

The animals are listed below.

1. Male antechinus

After a successful initial mating, this species typically perishes. Recent studies have shown that stress during mating season can cause immune system suppression, ultimately leading to fatal liver infections.

2. Praying mantis, male

Female praying mantises frequently eat their offspring's heads either during or after conception. It is theorized that the male has a little brain in his tail, which becomes active once his physical head has been severed.

Drones, Number Three

After mating with the queen bee, they perish as well. They assist with cooling the hive to maintain a comfortable temperature while waiting for the mating season to begin.


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