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Six Places On Earth Where Gravitational Power Is Zero

  • Hoover Dam in Nevada, US.

Hoover Dam is a popular tourist destination in the eastern United States. This dam is enormous, yet size doesn't matter in this case. It is utterly unimportant when compared to the unexplained gravity.

If you visit this location, you can do an experiment by standing on top of a bottle of water, opening the bottle, and attempting to pour water into it. The idea that water flows upwards rather than downwards will astound you.

Scientists have found an acceptable solution to this mystery: the dam was built in such a way that the air flow becomes extremely strong. The air flow is upwards through the borders.

  • The golden boulder in Myanmar.

This gold-covered rock looks as if it'll fall at any moment. In truth, it's been there for almost 2500 years! At a height of 49 feet, the boulder is accompanied by a pagoda erected on top. The boulder is said to be held in place by the hair of Buddha. The boulder is still dangling without any support, despite the fact that it isn't mended. Women are not permitted to touch the boulder since it is thought that only a woman can move it.

  • Stone of Davasko in Argentina.

Gravity has triumphed over this massive boulder. The 300-ton stone sat on the edge of a big rock for thousands of years before tipping slightly. Locals tested it by placing a glass bottle at the bottom, which caused it to crack. The Davasko stone was toppled on February 29, 1912. The inhabitants of the area were taken aback. They put a plastic replica of it back 95 years later. It is fastened to the rock and weights only 9 tons.

Have you ever visited a location where gravity does not apply? Perhaps you've seen some other incredible occurrence. Inform us!

Rapid City's Cosmos Mystery Area

When you get at this location, you will notice some trees that have inexplicably bowed. You can stand here without falling at an angle, much like in the mysterious spots. Along with this, other phenomena were seen, such as the ball moving upward and not much changing as you moved upward.

Inverted Waterfall in Chile: This waterfall appears to flow upward and is located in the Republic of Chile. However, a closer examination reveals that the phenomena is caused by exceptionally strong wind gusts rising from beneath the waterfall. Surprisingly, Chile isn't the only area where such an unusual sight has been documented; India and Australia both feature upside-down waterfalls.

India's Magnetic Hill - Gravity does not work on the magnetic hill in India.

This hill, according to scientists, has a magnetic force that pulls at a rate of roughly 20 kilometers per hour. The car will remain in neutral even if you park it on this hill in neutral. Your car will begin to descend quickly while doing so on another slope.

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