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6 Tips That Will Instantly Get Others To Like You

1. “Mirror” the other person.

Studies over the years have dissected a tactic called mirroring. This is essentially the same as copying the person in front of you but in a subtle way. Imagine the person you’re meeting is leaning forward, excitedly speaking to you about something.

2. Compliment people to other people.

There is a really weird phenomenon called spontaneous trait transference. It was found in one published study that the compliments you give are associated with you. This means that if you tell someone that Jane is nice, that person will also, subconsciously, associate you with being nice. It’s a weird brain game association that scientists are still studying.

3. Be trustworthy.

It’s important to note that you can’t fake trustworthiness. If you’re not trustworthy, then please don’t try out this tip. If you can keep a secret, though, show this through warmth and competence. Studies have shown that you should first show warmth or kindness, and then competency to establish trustworthiness. It’s hard to like someone when they can’t trust you. This is especially useful in professional settings!

4. Self-disclose.

While you may be as competent as you can be, the best way to connect and make others like you is by being real. People don’t like those who think they are perfect and know it all. Self-disclose something that shows you have faults, too, and prove that you’re relatable. We all have some sort of flaws that makes us unique. And that’s what defines you.

5. Show a sense of humor.

Crack an easy-going joke, or be silly if the situation allows. Research from various universities has shown that a sense of humor was a key attribute people listed when describing someone they could like. Majority rules that laughter is the best medicine. So it doesn’t hurt to laugh.

6. Emphasize shared qualities.

The similarity-attraction effect states that people are more attracted to others who are similar to them. While opposites may attract out of curiosity, the similarity is what sticks. If you find early on that you share a value or interest with someone new, emphasize that in your conversation. You’ll get them to like you in no time. This is one of the best psychological tips.

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