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Huge Chinese Rocket Is Expected To Land On Earth Today

Tension is high in the whole world today as the Chinese rocket is expected to come back to the Earth anytime from now which is said to be potentially not good at all.

According to the United States Department, a huge possibly uncontrolled section of a Chinese Long March 5B rocket is falling back to Earth and is expected to hit sometime on Saturday although they are not specific on where the rocket is going to hit.

According to the reports from the experts, the rocket could strike an inhabited area, but it's more likely that debris will fall harmlessly into the ocean but they adviced people not to worry alot since it could not cause much alot.

In a statement made this week, Pentagon said that where it will hit cannot be pinpointed until within hours of it's re-entry into the Earth.

United States official secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Said that U.S are watching and monitoring the rocket trajectory and they are aware the space command is tracking the rocket.

The goverment of China said that they are expecting large part of the rocket to burn up before re-entry into the Earth.

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