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Skin Care

The Type Of Mite That Lives On Human Skin And How To Get Rid Of It

We've heard of many parasites that are both internal and external whose survival mode can only be guaranteed by feeding on other animals. We've heard of worms, ticks, bugs and so on which live on the skin of animals to feed on blood and other foods that the host animal can offer.

The largest body organ in any animal or human is the the skin. The skin is actually the cover for all the parts of the human body. The skin whether human or animal skin also happens to be the most sensitive of body parts and very vital as well.

Everytime we talk of parasites that live on the skin of individuals, we think of ticks but rarely do we get to think of this rare animal specie called the demodex.

Human beings do so much to take care of their skin and that explains why there are so many skincare products. Many of them, however, don't know much about the demodex which lives on the human skin. The main area of the human body that the demodex lives in are the areas around the eyelashes and around the face. It's in this two areas the the animal is able to get most of its food that comes from skin excrements.

According to Wikipedia, demodex is in the group of mites that lives in or near the hair follicles of most mammals. There are about 65 species of demodex and only two of this species live on humans. This two species are Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis.

Important facts you need to know about the Demodex

One thing you need to know about the demodex is that it's not a very harmful animal. Most people as a matter of fact actually have the demodex on their skin.

The reason why it is even difficult to know whether or not you have the demodex is because of their harmless nature to the human skin.

The animal feeds on excess fat produced by the body from the skin making it extremely beneficial to the skin to some extent. It only becomes harmful when there are too many of them on the skin. It's not easy to totally get rid of the demodex from the skin, even with good hygiene, you only help to control the number.

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