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Why Ashes/Cremains of Dead Bodies Are Sent into Orbits, Outer Space and Beyond

One may wonder.What really happens to ashes/Cremains of the dead bodies after creamination.

On my previous article.I highlighted to you what happens to ashes and Cremains.I sighted to you how it is put into good use.That is,the ash is usually mixed with tattoo ink to draw portraits.It can also be mixed with paint.And many other various reasons.

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Today's article features on ashes being taken to space.As some people may choose to dispose ashes in the sea.Some choose to sent it to the outer space and orbits.

This is because some people love dramatic things to happen to their remains.That is why they would love after their death.When the body has been burned.The ashes should be disposed off into the outer space.

These services are always available especially in the United States.It is usually offered by a firm known as Celestis.It has been offering this services for the past 20 years.

What's your opinion? Will you also like that your remains be disposed off into the outer space.

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