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4 Major Types Of Intelligent People

Research conducted by Harvard University in the 1980s indicated that humans have different degrees of thinking and defining perception of the world.

In this article, we shall dwell on different types of intelligence. Though psychologists and other professionals have tried to define what intelligence is, what they sail is to indicate the types of intelligence since we do have the same type of intelligence.

1. The first type of intelligence is verbal linguistics. Those who fall under this category, love writing, telling stories, doing research, conducting surveys, and also doing poetry. People with this type of intelligence, are good in oral speaking and can use their communication or writing to persuade someone to do something he or she was not willing to do. Mostly, writers, poets, and public speakers fall into this category of intelligence.

2. The second type of intelligence is for those who have a high aptitude for culmination, formulation of hypotheses, and logical reasoning when it comes to solving complex earthly problems. This type of intelligence is called logical-mathematical intelligence. Those who fall under this category include mathematicians, statisticians, surveyors, accountants, and pilots. Logical-mathematical intelligent people tend to think like scientists and to them, seeing beyond numbers is as easy as A, B, C, and D.

3. The third type of intelligence is derived from knowing the secret behind the production and composer of the song. Those who fall into this category, are referred to as rhythmic or musical intelligent people. Singers, producers, rappers, and song composers mostly fall into this type of intelligence. The pianists and other musical instrumental players fall into this category.

4. The other type of intelligence is composed of individuals who have better relating and social skills. These people are best in bite the verbal and the nonverbal type of communication. This type of intelligence was discovered after it was seen from study groups or in a debate that there were students who were more active than the others. So, they were called the interpersonal intelligent people.


Types of intelligent people are disclosed by subjecting them to various tests. If you are not an interpersonal intelligent person, does not mean you are a fool, no. You may lack the criteria to fall under interpersonal, but you may possess other characteristics to fall under the other types of intelligence.

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