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Have You Ever Wondered Why Exactly Dead Bodies Float On Water? This Is Why

Dead bodies have always floated on water more than the live ones. Someone will drown and never be seen. Upon death, he/she will come up the water surface. There is a reason behind this. Someone will not just sink when alive and float when death comes along. When someone who can swim drowns, he will try hard and rescue his life though it will depend on the intensity of the tide. When he can't swim, he will drown, unfortunately die, sink then float again. This is why.

A body will float on water because of the little physics we learnt in high school. It's mainly explained with the Archimede's principle that a body will only displace water that equals its volume. The density of human body has a lower density than water. But immediately water comes in, the density will change.

Upon increase in density, the body will sink deep into the water. Further addition of water will make the body increase in volume that will affect and lower the density again. The weight of water to displace will therefore be more than the one that was displaced initially making the body to begin floating on water.

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