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Why Modern Farmers Drill Hole In Cow's Stomach

The cannula is an opening-like device that provides access to the cow's lumen, conducts examination and analysis of the gastrointestinal tract, and allows veterinarians to transfer the contents of the lumen from one cow to another.

The lumen compartment of the stomach is the most important part of digestion, and microorganisms break down food that cows cannot. If the cow has digestive problems, gastric perforation allows the farmer to grow the aforementioned bacteria and fungi in the stomach. It is difficult to determine if a cow is eating a healthy and good diet just by looking at the cow.

This is why scientists have developed techniques for farmers. Cows are surgically equipped with a "cannula". This is an opening similar to an opening with direct access to the bovine lumen (the first chamber of the stomach).

The only reason for choosing livestock for breeding is the study of the bacterial activity of ruminants and the digestion of ruminants in different feeds and mixed diets. This is the surest way to control the livestock digestion process. The holes also allow farmers to assess digestion and perfectly feed the cows. With this method they can find out which crop is the healthiest for farming and makes farming more efficient.

It can also be used to improve livestock products. Veterinarians and breeders have stressed the effectiveness of transgenesis in treating gastrointestinal diseases, but many animal rights groups have argued that the practice is unnecessarily detrimental to the quality of life of masked cattle.


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