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11 Powerful Lessons From The Book The Brain The - Story of You

1. If you could perceive reality as it is, you would be shocked by its colorless, odorless, tasteless silence. Outside your brain, there is just energy and matter.

2. The enemy of memory isn’t time; it’s other memories. All the experiences in your life - from single conversations to your broader culture - shape the microscopic details of your brain.

3. Neurally speaking, who you are depends on where you've been.

4. Each of us is on our own trajectory – steered by our genes and our experiences – and as a result every brain has a different internal life. Brains are as unique as snowflakes.

5. You become who you are not because of what grows in your brain, but because of what is removed.

6. Why does the world appear stable to you when you’re looking at it? Why doesn’t it appear as jerky and nauseating as the poorly filmed video? Here’s why: your internal model operates under the assumption that the world outside is stable.

7. We should think of our lives like chariots. We are charioteers trying to hold two horses: the white horse of reason and the black horse of passion. Your job is to keep control of both horses, navigating down the middle of the road.

8. Although you have a single identity, you’re not of a single mind: instead, you are a collection of many competing drives.

9. By understanding how choices battle it out in the brain, we can learn to make better decisions for ourselves, and for our society. We can’t help but simulate others, connect with others, care about others, because we’re hardwired to be social creatures.

10. Through practice, repeated signals have been passed along neural networks, strengthening synapses and thereby burning the skill into the circuitry. Our brains are always crushing ambiguity into choices.

11. Our perception of reality has less to do with what’s happening out there, and more to do with what’s happening inside our brain.

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