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Neuralink to implant brain chips in humans.

Neuralink is developing a fully integrated brain machine interface system which aims to allow humans to wirelessly transmit and receive information between their brains and computer. Neuralink's goal is to build a brain computer interface.

Neuralink prototypes have been successfully implanted in rodents, pig and a monkey. The researchers could know what the animals needed without the animals giving any signs. The founders of Neuralink, Elon Musk and Howa are planning clinical trials on humans. They hope it will help people with severe spinal cord injuries a chance to restore full body functionality. Neuralink will also help paraplegics to control their phones and their computers without the click of a mouse.

Neuralink will also help treat neural diseases. This is because the brain chips will make neurosurgeons understand more about the human brain thus giving them solutions on how to treat several neural diseases. While Elon Musk believes that neuralink is the future of human interactions with technology, many experts have doubts. It will be interesting to see how neuralink will impact the world of technology.

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