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Not Expensive Fuel Aircrafts Again, See The Cheap Solar Powered Aircraft That Is Cost Saving

Technology has taken another route giving birth to new innovations one of them being solar powered aircraft. The clean technology has been successful in Switzerland where Swiss long range experimental solar powered aircrafts have been produced. The project was funded by private sector led by Swiss Engineer and businessman Andre Borschberg and Swiss Psychiatrist and balloonist Bertrand Piccard who co piloted Breitling Orbiter. Their first goal was to make circumnavigation of earth by the piloted fixed wings aircraft using only solar.

The first solar powered aircraft was completed on around 3rd December 2009 and was named Solar Impulse 1. The single seated aircraft is powered by photovoltaic cells and flew entire diurnal solar cycle for about 26 hours. What amazing! In fact, provided that there is sunlight, this aircraft can fly for a very long time since sunlight is a renewable energy.

Impulse 2 was completed in around 2014 and have more solar cells,more powerful motors and other improvements. Having said that check out below the amazing pictures of Solar powered aircraft;

What a wonderful innovation! What can you say about this amazing idea? Drop your comments in the comments section below.

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