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The End Of The World Could Be Sooner, As Scientists Make This Astonishing Discovery

The end of the world is closer than anticipated this is after scientists make this unsuspecting discovery that surrounds the world.

The earth researchers have made a discovery that the earth interior has been cooling faster than they thought it was.

This is after 4.5 billion years ago, when earth developed it experienced extreem temperature on its surface as hot magma covered the earth.

Scientists have made a discovery that over the millions of years, the earth surface has been cooling at a fast and a tremendous pace to form a crust.

Over the milions of years, Earth has been releasing heat to the surface since then. This has necesitated the convection and tectonic activities related to the earths core.

Scientists from the Carnegie Institute of Science, led by ETH Professor Motohiko Murakami, have deviced a sophisticated measuring instrument that measures the thermal conductivity of a material known as Bridgmanite in the lab.

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Carnegie Institute of Science ETH Motohiko Murakami


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