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The moon is not what you think it is. See the hidden discoveries

On July 29 1953 a 12 miles bridge was discovered on the moon. The scientists contacted the association of Lunar and Planetary observers and informed them of this mysterious discovery. There were questions on whether the bridge was artificial or not because it slowly disappeared and moved on the surface of the moon. Today there is no trace of the discovered bridge.

A chronological Catalog of Lunar events reports hundreds of objects moving across the moon. For instance clouds and mists have been observed streaming across it. The moon is about a quarter size of the earth. No one of the astronauts has ever seen the other side of the moon because it faces the earth on one side. The astronauts claim that the earth and the moon have a lock between them.

One of the greatest coincidence is that the moon and the sun appears to be of the same size from the perspective of the earth. This is because the moon is one four hundredth times the size of the sun and there is exactly one hundredth distance between the sun and the earth. According to David Childress , he says that during a perfect eclipse the Earth's moon completely blocks the sun so that the moon and the sun are said to be of equal size in both radius and diameter.

It is really hard for scientists and humans at large to see the other side of the moon because it rotates at the same speed as the Earth.

The question that remains is, could the moon be a hollow- bodied construct that contains a hidden message? Let me know your answer through the comment section.

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