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Did You Know? In Space, Flames Behave in Ways Nobody Thought Possible

When you lit a fire on Earth and in space, they will not be the same at all. When you lit a fire on Earth hot air rises while cold air replaces hot air, this is called buoyancy. In places where gravity is low, there will be no buoyancy from flames. The image below shows when the flame burns on Earth , it has a pointed tip unlike when it burns in space. When it burns on Earth is has a pointed tip as seen below.

credit NASA

If there is a fire outbreak in space fire will spread in any direction rather than just towards upwards unlike on Earth where it tries to go against gravity. Also here on Earth fire detectors are mostly placed on the ceiling while in space that does not happen. In space, fire doesn’t rise meaning it will be hard to detect fire if fire detectors were to be placed on the upper sections. In space, fire detectors are placed in the ventilation system

It is so bad when there is a fire outbreak in space since fire will spread in any direction. Someone will say that it is not possible to have fire in space. But remember we are talking about space stations. In space stations, we have ventilation fans which work the same way as providing almost the same as natural convection and also can supply air that is enough to support burning.

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Earth NASA


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