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Parts Of The Body That Will Never Grow From The Birth Of a Person Till Death

Growth and development is part of human life. A child is expected to advance interms of body size and mental capacity as he grows. This will make the body features and structures increase in size and complexity. Growth is something that is expected and believed to be even to all body parts but however, some body parts will stay stagnant from the birth of a person to his/her death. Here they are.

The cornea of the eye is one of the structures in human beings that it's has no blood supply to it. The cornea will never grow in human beings. The size that one is born with at birth will remain the same toll death will come along. The eye normally grows but the development is negligible. The cornea of the eyes will remain of the same size from the birth of a person and no change will be seen on it.

The the ear ossicle is another structure that will never grow. It's size as compared from birth to death is not seen to change. It has the stapes along it that will never change in size and appearance from when someone is a new born baby to when old age creeps. It is one of the inner most part of the ear that can't be seen easily.

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