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Billionaire Jeff Bezos builds a 'commercial' space station.

Blue Origin, a company that manages aviation tourism and owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has announced plans to launch an aerospace business center.

Bezos said on Monday that they hope to run the facility, named Orbital Reef by the end of this decade.

The promotional materials provided by the company claim that the center will combine different commercial elements will have up to 10 people.

The company will partner with Sierra and Boeing Airlines to build the facility.

Blue Origin said the 32,000-foot-tall facility would give customers the opportunity to produce films in the area or even do research and said it would involve a celestial hotel.

At a press conference to launch the program, senior officials of Blue Originna at Sierra Airlines refused to provide funding for the construction of the station, although they allegedly secured large sums of money from Mr Bezos, who had offered $ 1bn (£ 726m) for year at Blue Origin company.

The announcement comes as Nasa is seeking proposals to create an alternative facility to replace the facility's aerial buildings for 20 years.

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