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Two Things which Do Not Exist But We See Them As Real

Human mind do not understand what is real and what is not. What we Know is a result of programming done to us. From the time you were young, you learned everything you know today from your care givers and any other adults. But you did not questioned anything about them. You accepted as reality without evidence. Here are things that do not really exist.

1. Time

The concept of past, present and future is not real. Life is happening here and now. You think past is existing because of the memories of your experiences. If all memories are deleted in your mind, you will realize that the concept time is an illusion.

2. Death

This is the most feared happening in our existence. Deaths is not the end of life just like most of us Know. In reality, it is seen as transition rather than the end. Human mind is not able to figure this out well.

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