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"Enyewe Tumetoka Mbali" See The Photos Of First Vehicles And Radios In The World.

Because of the dynamic nature of the societal needs, technology keep advancing. If you look at some of the things we use in our current society and compare them with those of the old days, you will realize that there is very huge difference between them. In this article I will discuss about first vehicles and radios in the world.


Vehicles are very useful in human life. They are used for transportation of goods and people from one place to another. They make movement of people very ease. In addition, the facilitates communication between different individuals because people will be in close proximity to each other while traveling.

Early vehicles were very simple in structure and they lacked a covering roof tops. This means that the travellers were exposed to adverse effects of rains and sunshine. Their speed was also very low compared to modern vehicles. The tires of most of the first vehicles in the world were tubeless.


These are used for passing a given piece of information i.e news. Radios are also used for entertainment and education purposes. First radios in the world were the vintage cassette tape radios. They used tape recorders to play music. They had a very low volume and pitch compared to modern radios.

Below are some of the photos of first radios and vehicles in the world.

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Enyewe Tumetoka Mbali


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