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10 Unusual Discoveries That Are Beyond Any Explanation

1. The Moa Birds

This birds used to exist many years ago and were only found in New Zealand. About 1500 years ago these flightless birds became extinct. It is said that they were all killed leaving no survivors behind. It was in one of the recent excavations about 5 centuries later that scientists stumbled into its claw that was so huge. It is very difficult to explain how these particular claw was well preserved for more than 500 years after the bird was declared extinct.

2. The Temple Complex of Saksaywaman found in Peru

The kind of stonework done in this ancient temple defies any explanation. The temple was built in times where there were no sophisticated machines that would cut the stones into such a perfect shape and up until now there is no good explanation. All the blocks are perfectly shaped and well arranged

That even the thinnest piece of paper cannot pass through the walls. The question is who did this works and how were they able to to bring such a perfect alignment without the help of any machines. Actually nobody will ever know but some have attributed these particular to the Nephilins who existed many years back but were wiped out of the face of the earth during Noah's flood.

3. Gate of the Sun found in Bolivia

This gate is mysterious and is only found in one of the ancient cities in Bolivia. Some people believe that there used to be a kingdom that existed within the place and that is why there is the gate. The gate has carvings that nobody knows what they mean but some believe they had some astrological importance back then.

4. The Longyou caves found in China

The question about these caves still remain and it is unbelievable That these caves were made by human hands. Because in those days there were no machines for doing such tasks. Making such caves with modern estimation of the work force required would need upto a thousand laborers.

There is nothing and no evidence even in history that suggests or even tries to explain how these Chinese caves were constructed and they have been in existence for centuries and centuries.

5. The Unfinished Obelisk found in Egypt

This unfinished obelisk that is found in Egypt was being shaped out of a rock. According to sources, the rock started having cracks and that is why it was left unfinished up until now. It's size is no joke.

6. The underwater city found in Japan

The city was discovered by a man called Kihachiro Aratake who is a diving instructor some years back. The underwater city That appears to have existed in a rock Tha was later submerged in the water. The city has been in existence for upto 10, 000 years. The stone city is s incredible and we wonder how we're these people able to curve such stones into the desirable shape.

7. The mohenjo-daro

The city looks like a once great city and the question that many still have is what brought the city to ruins. An Indian Archaeologist named R. D. Bernaji discovered the city in 1922 and many are still perplexed as to what really happened to the city inhabitants but despite the many questions there are still no satisfactory answers to the many questions.

8. L'Anse aux Meadows

This archaeological site is found in Canada and was founded by the vikings about 1000 years ago.

9. Stone-Age Tunnels

This is such a complex network of underground tunnels found in many Europe countries from Turkey to Scotland. The tunnels were built during the stone age period where people were simply hunters and gatherers. It is not known why these people dug this tunnels and there are still many theories trying to explain why the tunnels were constructed.

10. The giant stone spheres of Costa Rica

These mysterious stones found in Costa Rica still remain a mystery with regard to their origin and purpose. Looks like they were shaped by human beings but why would they chose to shape them that way. These stones were discovered in 1930 by some workers who were trying to clear a jungle made of banana plantation. The stones are actually perfect spheres.

Which of the above Discoveries do you thing is the most unusual from the list? Share with us your thoughts and opinions on the comment section below and also don't forget to like and share this article.

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