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Most Amazing Technologies So Far in the World

The coming of technology has helped a great deal in our lives as every single aspect of our life takes the guidance of technology. Surrounded we are by technology evolutions which encompass every aspect of our life. Every day to day a new discovery is made thus incoming of many new technologies in the world. Below is a list of world’s most amazing technologies right now.

The invention of Nano Robots.

Nano robots are robots whose components are close to the scale of a nanometer i.e(10-9 metres).

They are tiny sensors intended to detect cancer or perform a nano surgery. Currently they are being used to deliver drugs to the specific correct part of the body in the terminal of the cancer patient.

Creation of Genome Editing.

Scientists from china created a pair of monkeys with specific genetic mutations. This innovation has great implication for the biomedicine field. The scientists used the newest method of DNA engineering known as CRISPR that allows them to modify fertilized eggs. CRISPR has the ability to alter the DNA at specific locations on chromosomes making it easier to study diseases. This is a great achievement because if we know the source genes disorders like autism and Alzheimer’s disease could be treatable in a better way.

The fiber Optics.

Fiber optic tubes have the ability to refract light within glass tubes losing little light over the length of the tube. The above technology was first demonstrated by Colladon and Babinet. The fiber optic cables are good to use in computer networking as when bundled together, they are immune to electrical interference. They are used in computers to see various parts of the human body and also used in image processing and receiving in research work for artificial intelligence.

Emergence of personal computing.

Microchip technology has in a big way reduced the size and cost of the processors as its power increased and became more compact. Worldwide ,there are over a billion Personal Computers PC’s in existence and tablet technology around the world.

The Hydrogen Fuel-Cell vehicles.

Zero emission cars have been invented and are more suitable compared to those powered by electricity or hydrocarbons. Fuel cells generate electricity directly using hydrogen or natural gas compared to batteries which might take 5 to 12 hours to charge depending on the model of the car. Fuel cell vehicles are hybrids and will likely use regenerative braking,which recovers energy from waste heat.

Fuel cell vehicles will however require the economical productionof hydrogen as well as its distribution to growing fleet of vehicles.

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