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10 Unbelievable Things Found on Earth we can’t Explain

Ruins of Atlit Yam

This is an ancient Neolithic village completely submerged under water. It was discovered in nineteen eighty four off the coast of Israel. How it ended submerged in water is still a mystery but some sources point to a possible tsunami caused by a volcanic collapse of Mount Etna. Many of its structures are well preserved including several human remains

Rat kings

Most people would not want to think about this situation. Rat Kings nothing else but a bunch of rats with their tails tangled together. It may look weird or impossible but the real mystery lies on how this actually happened. Some claim that it is just a hoax while others believe that this situation is possible

Antikythera Mechanism

It was discovered deep in the sea in a ship wreck in 1900. The most amazing thing about this device is that it is able to accurately track the paths of the sun, moon and planets. Nothing like that showed up in history until some a thousand years later before this was found, he exact origin remains mystery.

The Winnipesaukee Mystery Stone

No one really knows where this stone came from and what it is, it was discovered in eighteen seventy two by a construction worker. Many other such stones have been found around the world but this is the first found in North America.

The tomb of China’s First Emperor

This became one of the largest discoveries in history discovered by some four famers in the year nineteen seventy four. Archeologists refused to excavate the place first because China would not allow it because of the belief that science will not preserve the site well enough and it is also life threatening because according to historical documents, the tomb is surrounded by a river of mercury

The Atacama Skeleton

Researchers discovered a small human looking skeleton in the Atacama deserts back in two thousand and three. The skeleton was only 6 inches or 25 cm long making many people believe that it was a fetus or an alien. It was later concluded that it was neither but it was concluded that it was a human. No one really knows why the skeleton was this small

London Hammer

The mystery that lies behind this hammer is that some people have dated it back to a hundred thousand years ago but human beings had not started using hammer during that time. Due to this, there have been a lot of ideas trying to explain the hammer with many of them suggesting that the metal might be old but not the hammer itself

The underground city of Derinkuyu

This underground city has fascinated researchers ever since, it was discovered back in nineteen sixty three accidentally by a family in the region of Cappadocia. No one really knows who built it and it is very difficult to date the structure

The gate of the sun

Standing near Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, the gate of the sun is a stone doorway and archeologists believe that it used to be part of a much larger empire in the first century. However the real mystery lies in the drawing on the stones.

The Mount Owen Moa Claw

This mountain is found in New Zealand and in nineteen eighty six, a group of researchers went into a cave found in this mountain only to discover one of the most terrifying and bizarre finds of the 20th century.

They discovered a claw with flesh and muscles still intact like it came from a dinosaur. It turned out to be the remains of a long extinct bird called Moa claw, the bird had been extinct for three thousand years. So the mystery lies on how the remains were well preserved

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