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Why your dreams are different depending with the shade you are wearing.

scientists carry out studies about fantasies. The characters that occur are incredibly being misinterpreted. When one plunges into sleep we became part of our inner selves. our psyches are functional, generating fictions and impressions that are either understandable, blunt, ludicrous, or ostensively predictive hence terrifying our minds.

What could be the cause of dreaming? This phenomenon is unknown nevertheless it could be triggered by our lives experiences. It's estimated that we dream more than once but we hardly remember the dreams. It's proven that over 90% of the dreams we hardly remember 

Dreaming happens throughout the night, but our most clear and frequently recalled dreams transpire during rapid eye movement dreams. These are kinds of dreams in which someone is familiar with the event and at the same time can be in a situation to monitor the dream activities.

A dream can be influenced by what we are thinking before we fell asleep or what we experienced during the day. Dreams can also trigger what we are avoiding, thoughts and anxieties.

 Common Dream 

Scientific research shows that 65 % of our fantasies are associated with our experience while awake. If you’ve got stress related to work your dreams will certainly evolve in that setting. Of your day was involved with someone you've got affections for, your dream will be full of romance., These dreams always extensively around what you've been up to.

 Elements of a common dream.

 1.One hardly sense ie smell or touch just images

 2.Some people of color while others black and white.

3.The less overwhelmed you are pleasant are the dreams.

Your attitude, incidents, discomfort, unrest, and faith may all influence the subject of your dreams.

Nightmares effects.

Nightmares are horrifying and startling. Almost everyone has experienced nightmares.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can cause a long course of nightmares if left untreated. The most common nightmares are 


2.Physical violence

3.Being chased or hunted 

4.Common themes in recurring dreams involve:

5.being ambushed or stalked.


7.Freezing with fear.

Untrue awakenings.

An untrue awakening is a kind of dream happenings where an individual believes they have woken up but in a real sense, they haven't. It happens in real life, not a movie set.

Ever dreamt that you are falling and before you hit the ground you wake up?

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