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2 Very Polluted Places On Earth


Chernobyl is considered as the site of the worst nuclear disaster. In 1986, there was a fiery melt down of a nuclear reactor core which released 100 times radiation than the infamous atom bombs dropped in Hiroshima. Decades later the exclusion zone remains unhabitable and local residents have scars of the disaster such as birth defects, infertility, skin lesson and many others . Additionally many children were diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Chernobyl exclusion zone is very polluted .

Linfen China

According to the residents of this city, they literally choke on coal dust in the evening. The city is found in China. The shanxi province is the heart of the expanding coal industry. It provides two third of the country's energy. According to the authority, Linfen has the worst air quality in the country. According to the world bank, out of 20 polluted cities in the world, 16 are found in China. The city plans to replace highly polluting plants with larger, cleaner and more regulated facilities

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Chernobyl China Linfen


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