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3 Reasons why cooking cylinders are cylindrical and not rectangular

Do you know that all cooking log cylinders are cylindrical instead of any other shape? There are many shapes which Lpg cooking cylinders can be made from, such as rectangle, oval, square among others, but the big question which we should ask ourselves is why did the manufacturers of lpg cooking cylinders had to choose cylindrical shape.

In this article, we are going to see some of the reasons why cylinders are made in a cylindrical shape.

1. Sharp edges increases the pressure concentration, therefore a cylinder is likely to explored supposed it is filled with lpg gas, cylindrical shapes has no edges therefore it is the best shape to make gas cylinders

2. Cylindrical shape are much stronger compared to other shapes because it has a few welding areas, they can operate for up to eight years without much damage, they only have one area of concentrated weld, that is at the middle.

3. Cylindrical shape are much safe when handling, for example if you have a cylinder with a rectangular shape, then you can get cuts from the edges while handling it, because the sharp edges are too many. The cylinder will also be much heavier because the weight is not distributed equally in the cylinder.

You should always know that cyndrical shapes have the abilities to withstand a lot of internal pressure that are found inside the cylinders , this is because there are no much bending inside the cylinders.

It is surprising that a manufacturer of any products always ahead of the people using the products, they try and test all the products so that they can guarantee the user that the product is safe and will hardly cause any harm should the instructions and guidelines which are labelled on the products be adhered to.

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