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8 Ordinary Things in Life That Really Harm the Brain

Lack of communication

There are some people who can go even a day without communicating with anyone, especially those people who live alone. A study conducted at the University of Michigan revealed that even 10 minutes of communication per day increases mental ability.

It not all about talking to anyone but talking to people you love may be friends and family through phone or just physically.

Too much sugar

Most young people love sweet or sugary foods, research revealed that foods with a lot of sugar adversely affect the neurotrophic factor of the brain; it is responsible for production of neurons.

It is also very important for the formation of long term memory and this helps a lot those people who are learning for example students and children

Lack of brain exercise

You might wonder how one can exercise his or her brain; it is simple, through solving problems, puzzles and reading. According to scientists, the peak of brain productivity is reached at 16 to 25 years, after that it slowly declines.

However, research has revealed that regular brain exercise improves its performance even people with some brain related problems

Skipping breakfast

It is been revealed that children who eat there breakfast regularly perform much better in school than those who don’t, especially in science subjects.

The reason behind this is that skipping breakfast may lead to a decrease in blood glucose levels which negatively affects the functionality of the brain

Ice cream

Any cold food causes sudden headache because it is believed that cold foods leads to the narrowing of the blood vessels.

The body responds by sending warm blood to the brain with the aim of trying to prevent hypothermia. This again dilates the blood vessels; this difference is what causes headache according to scientists

Cell phones

A study on rats showed the link between brain cancer and the use of cell phones. This doesn’t mean that you should throw away your Smartphone; you can make your calls using a speaker of a headset. Also the one thing you should really avoid is sleeping with your phone under your pillow.

Covering your head during sleep

Most people sleep while covered, and it is advised not to cover your head. The reason behind this is that we reduce the amount of oxygen entering the body and in this way we are forced to breathe in already “recycled “air. And as we all know, we cannot function well without clean oxygen, so lack of enough air affects our brain

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