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Meaning of This Hole Near Your Ear

There are some of features in human body which are beyond explanation. They include; more than five figures in one hand, diastema, and an hole near ear. Scientist have tried to find the reasons why such things happen but so far there is no specific reason. For this article am going to explain what it means if you have an hole near your ear.

This small hole is not a big deal or something weird. This feature is always rare and only less than 2 percent of people are born with this hole. The first defect was first recorded in the year 1864. The hole may appear on both sides of your ear or on one side. According to one evolutionary biologist, the holes could be an evolutionary remnant of fish gills. If you have this feature there no anything to worry about. They might be linked to other things, but don't tend to cause problems.

The most likely issue is the holes to become infected, something that can be easily treated with antibiotics. However, occasionally surgery is required to remove the sinus. It's always advisable not to inject anything on the hole because can lead to infection and injuries which can lead to complications. Those people with this feature there are normal and ordinary people and they have nothing special. Thanks for reading this article.

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