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Parts Of An Eye And Its Functions

The eye is a complex sense organ ,whose function is to receive light by which an animal perceives and distinguishes objects in its immediate environment. The eye is located in a socket in the skull called orbit which offers protection against physical damage. Bellow are some parts and their functions

Fatty layer

Within the orbit there is a fatty layer which provides further protection as a Schock absorber against mechanical injury.

The muscles

In the socket, the eye is suspended by sets of muscles which moves the eye left and right. Superior and inferior rectus muscle move the eye up and down, while the oblique muscle steady the eye in its up and down movement.


The retina is the light sensitive layer composed of three regions. An outer pigmented region in contact with the choroid . The middle region of photoreceptor consisting of rods and cones. An innermost region of neurones. These neurones run over the surface of the retina and join to form the optic nerves which transmits nerves impulse from the retina to the brain for intepretion.

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