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Mark your Calender for these Space Events

The sky is the most beautiful thing that the day or night can bring and this year the sky's are about to become even more beautiful with this space events, here are 8 events dates that you need to. Mark onto your calendar.

1. May 25th: The Supermoon

On this date the moon will be at its closest to earth, its elliptic orbit, resulting in a slightly larger than usual apparent size of the lunar disk as viewed from earth. The last Supermoon appeared on May 7 2020. The Supermoon result in strong perigean spring tides, which cases tidal differents.

2. May 26th: Total eclipse of the moon

After the occurrence of the Supermoon, a total eclipse will occur which will only be visible In areas closer to the pacific ocean such as North America, South America (all to the east), some part of Asia and islands in the pacific.

3. June 10th: Ring of fire' annular solar eclipse

This is a type of eclipse where the moon covers the sun but not entirely leaving a part of the sun in the background which appears like a ring. This will only be visible to those who live near the north Pole place like Greenland and Central and North Canada.

4. Aug. 11-12: Perseid meteor shower

The meteors will be visible in any part of the world, the best time to spot them is past midnight or early morning before moon set.

5. Mid-September to end of 2021: The Venus show

During this time, you will be able to have a view of venus at its brightest, but you need a telescope to be able to see it more clearly but If you don't own one you can just search the sky for a star that is not twinkling.

6. Nov. 19: A near-total eclipse of the moon

On this date the moon we appear looking like blood/some how red. The cause of this is that the Earth will be in between the Sun and the Moon and so the shadow from earth will cover the moon giving it that red like color. This only happens on full moon.

7. Dec. 4: Total eclipse of the sun

It happens when the moon comes between the Earth and the Sun and cast it shadow part on earth. This year the eclipse will only be visible to those in the southern part of the world like Antarctica, South Africa, Namibia and some part of Australia.

8. Dec. 13-14: The Geminid meteor shower

Their are considerably one of the most spectacular meteor shower and are usually visible on 13 - 14 of December, it be visible from any part of the world. In Kenya, the shower will be visible from 2030 hours local time. You will have to set your eyes to the north to see the meteor.

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