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Proofs that the earth is spherical

At first before research was done to proof our own planet is spherical in shape it was hard to believe. But here are some proof that planet Earth is round.

1. Approaching ship

At the beach viewing the approaching ship from the horizon, it seems like it emerges from water. This is an indication that the earth is not flat.

2. Viewing from higher points

When climbing the highest points like mountain or hills or on top of the tallest buildings and watch the horizon seems to curve downwards. An evidence that the earth is round.

3. Day and Night time zone

Day and night occurs because the earth rotates on its own. The side facing the sun is daytime and the side facing away from the sun is night time.

5. Viewing shapes of other planets

Our planet resembles other planets in shape. So by viewing other planets through telescopes is very evident that our earth is also the same.

6. Pictures taken by

Pictures taken from outer space by satellites shows that our earth is spherical in shape.

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